A Heavy Happy Dub

by Dub Proof



A Heavy Happy Dub is a song Madi and I wrote to be released on a local festivals compilation album. The album never came to fruition. I played the track for Rory and he loved it, Rory decided to come up with some lyrics. Not Enough was born. In a true rockers style we had to do a few dub mixes! Addis and I both got down and did a couple versions, Not Enough Dub and Enough Is Enough... We hope you like the EP. Thank you so much for your support, we could not do this with out you, Yes you! You are important and a viral part of our music creation efforts. Thank you so much for listening and supporting our art.


released January 23, 2017

A Heavy Happy Dub album Credits

Dub Proof
A Heavy Happy Dub
Green Stream LLC

Copyright: Dub Proof 2017
Performance Rights Society: BMI
Green Stream LLC catalogue #6
Produced by Nick Paolise
Executive Produced by Nick Paolise
Mastered by Alex Psaroudakis - Sterling Sound
Music Composed By - Nick Paolise, Madi Paolise
Arrangements - Nick Paolise, Madi Paolise, Rory Fream, Addis Pablo
Lyrics- Rory Fream

Nick Paolise- Bass, guitars,
Madi Paolise - Keys, Melodica
Rory Fream - Vocals
Patrick Clarke- Drums
David Hollander - Saxaphone
Roxanna Paolise - Kaoss Pad

Art Work Concept - Nick Paolise
Art Work by - Mallory Massara

US-XDA-14-00006 "A Heavy Happy Dub"
US-XDA-17-00031 “Not Enough”
US-XDA-17-00032 “Not Enough Dub (Addis Pablo Mix)”
US-XDA-17-00033 “Enough is Enough”

Mastered For iTunes


all rights reserved



Dub Proof Asbury Park, New Jersey

If you took the conscience of Bob Marley, the funk of George Clinton, the boom-bap of classic hip-hop, and the abstract delays and reverbs of 70's dub reggae you'd have the recipe for Dub Proof's songs. While occasionally venturing into more psychedelic and jazzy territory the band has always emphasized paring rhythms down to their essence and staying true to what they believe is the root of music ... more


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Track Name: Not Enough
Girl you really shouldn't begin it
don't you know you that can never be with it
And though I know its hard to admit it
Girl you know its not enough

Honey when you play all your games
can't shake the feeling that its always the same
look in the mirror and you know who's to blame
Girl you know its not enough

Baby when you pull back the curtain
all you get is the pain and the hurtin'
And deep down you know it for certain
Girl you know its not enough

It's not enough
it's not enough
it's not enough
Girl you know I know
It's not enough
it's not enough
it's not enough
Girl you know I know

and in-between all the screaming and yelling
is this tainted love that your selling
your not the one that i should have to be telling
Girl you know its not enough

Im sick and tired of playing the fool
while you ignore the golden rule
could treat me better but you think your so cool
Girl you know its not enough

Where is the love because I'm feeling so cold
try to convince me because I'm not really sold
im always holding when i know i should fold
Girl you know its not enough

It's not enough
It's not enough
It's not enough
Girl you know I know
It's not enough
It's not enough
It's not enough
Girl you know I know